Identifying False Christians

Jude 1:16 “These people are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.”


*Almost every church in America and the world has fake Christians in the midst of the body of Christ. Without a trained eye, they are very difficult to identify. Yet, if these people are left to themselves, they can harass the real sheep of God and cause great discord and disunity among the real believers. How do you identify these people? The Bible teaches that you look at their fruit or their actions. False Christians are “grumblers and faultfinders.” Please understand that real Christians can make these mistakes, but false Christians live a lifestyle of gossip and innuendo. They are never happy because the joy of the Lord is not directing their hearts. They are always focused on the faults of others instead of focusing on the immeasurable faults that lay with them.
*False Christians “follow their own evil desires.” Without the Holy Spirit directing their minds and hearts, they listen to their sinful flesh to make all of their decisions. Anytime you have a group of people in a church who are following their own agenda, this can create severe headaches for the Spirit of God and the future of that body of believers. Church is not about getting your own way, but rather, about discovering and the following the will of God. The Bible clearly teaches that when you have opposing groups in the body of Christ, the opposition is generally generated when one group is following the light of God and the other group is following the darkness of their sinful desires. God is warning us all through Jude to understand the nature of the infighting in churches and follow the side of God.
*What does it mean to “boast about yourself” in a church setting? This is a person that demands their way. This is an individual who can not accept direction. They see themselves as gifted but never give the glory to the God that may have imparted those gifts to them. They are “me” centered instead of “other” centered. Since they are boasting, they are filled with the pride of man instead of the humility of God Himself. They also “flatter others for their own advantage.” This means they will say whatever they have to in order to get their own way. They will compliment and pump people up so they can use them to achieve their selfish motives. Since almost very church deals with people and groups like this, I believe God wants His people to dig their heals in and fight for truth, justice, and God’s way.




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