Jon’s Books

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lost_churchThe groans of our lost world–the cries of the defeated, the hateful words of the driven, the tired excuses of the overworked–are muffled by the gossip in the next pew, the self-seeking prayers, the unforgiving attitudes. Out of this chaos comes a Voice of hope, but His message is not just for the lost world; it’s for the Lost in Church. Journey with Jonathan Cash as his transparent words help to truly satisfy the longing in your heart, restore your spirit, and renew your relationship with your heavenly Father.

book_anichristA Reader Review.This is the first book that I have not put down after the 1st chapter. ” The Age of the Antichrist ” had me turn page after page and not wanting to put it down. Most books take me about three months to get through, this one only a week. It is written so that it is very easy to read. I don’t agree with the angels crying and being afraid, but everything else is wonderful about it. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes and or is interested in end-times work.


book_thunderA Reader Review.This is only the second book, that I am aware of, that endeavors to take the reader into the Millennial Kingdom. That time when Jesus will come back and rule the Earth for 1000 years. A time when Satan has also been chained for those 1000 years. John keeps you completely enthralled with his fast paced action-packed thriller. We don’t know all the particulars of this 1000 year reign and what happens after the millennium when Satan is loosed again for “a short time”, but Jon Cash makes one feel like he/she is there watching it all unfold.