Pastor Testimonials about Meteorologist Jon Cash

cross1-200x300“Jon had Preached at our church once before, and was wonderful, however, there was something different about him this time, there was an aura about him. One could tell from the very first sermon that he was filled with the Holy Spirit and our Revival was surely prayed up and blessed by him, and many for the Glory of God. I confessed to him in prayer prior to our last night of revival that I had taken him, and the Holy Spirit for granted, and had sold them both short, as I had not nearly anticipated the movement that the Holy Spirit was doing through Jon, and God led me to pray with “holy boldness” for his anointing on Jon for that final night. The most amazing thing happened during the altar call… I will let tell you so you will have to invite him to your church to hear about it! Thank you, God, thank you Jon for being a willing vessel.”

Pastor David Bundy of Woodland Methodist Church in Hertford, North Carolina

cross1-200x300“Thanks be to God, for sending Jon Cash to Fairview Heights Baptist Church  for our Fall [ 2009] renewal-reawakening.  Without a doubt this was “the” best renewal service we have experienced in a long time, God uses Jon to get His message across to all in a way you cannot help but understand.  This ministry is truly a blessing from God, anyone who would engage this ministry would be truly blessed from God.  Thank you God for using Jon Cash as you do, and Thank you Jon for responding to God as you do.  Feel free to contact me at any time in regard to this ministry.”

Rev. Fred L. Williams, Pastor Fairview Heights Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA

cross1-200x300“Jon is a man with a consuming passion for the lost. I encourage pastors to consider having him come to your church to speak or lead a revival. He will help bring in the harvest and he will encourage and challenge your people at the same time.”


Pastor Reggie Hester of Bethel Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia



cross1-200x300“I would like to begin by thanking you for preaching an awesome revival at Knotts Island Baptist Church.  It was truly a blessing and members are still talking about how God moved in a mighty way!  We were certainly pleased with the amount of people who attended despite the weather we had for the first two days of services.”

Pastor Scott Manns of Knotts Island Baptist Church in Knotts Island, North Carolina



cross1-200x300 Jon Cash has blessed our church with his Bible-based preaching and his love for carrying out the Great Commission.  As a result of Jon’s continuing partnership ministry, our church has become actively involved in mission work in Nigeria.  Our folks love Jon,  and look forward to his ministry, because he loves Jesus.”

Pastor Ron Lee from Princess Anne Plaza Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia



cross1-200x300“Our people enjoy hearing Jon Cash preach.  He has been with us on several occasions and always brings a Biblical message of salvation and inspiration.”


Pastor Todd Holt of Great Neck Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia




cross1-200x300The Bible tells us that God bestows the spiritual gift of evangelism on those He would use to build up and encourage His church body.  Jon has been in meetings at our church twice and I have found his messages to be practical, personal and scriptural.  God’s hand on his ministry is very evident and I would recommend him to any pastor or church looking for a revival speaker.”

Pastor Joey Hobbs Fellowship Baptist Church in Elizabeth City, NC